Announcing a better way to showcase your tour schedule

Product Updates Tech September 25, 2014

We were never completely happy with how our booking form worked for tours with few dates of operation. While it worked well for a tour available on most days of the week/month, it wasn’t ideal for something like a 10-day Culinary Tour of Europe with a few fixed departures.

We had a plain old calendar that showed the operational/sold-out dates to travellers. They’d have to click around a lot to discover dates actually open for booking. What’s more, we didn’t clearly spell out how many seats were actually available or remaining. Here’s what our calendar looks like:


The old date picker involved a lot of clicking around to find dates open for booking.

Upcoming schedule in a list

Well, we’re happy to announce that this is no longer the case. Today we are launching a new way to showcase the upcoming schedule of a tour. Here’s what it looks like:


The spiffy new alternative view to publish your tour schedule.


Here’s what it can allow your customers to view at a glance:

There are two versions of this “widget”, one for a single tour, the other for multiple tours (eg. all tours in India, or all “adventure” tours). The multiple-tour version packs some extra filters to help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

And while we were at it, we gave the trusty old calendar a minor upgrade as well. It now shows a lot more information for each departure/time-slot: at-par with what is shown in the new widget.


The calendar is still there and has seen a minor upgrade.

Control what is displayed – Settings

We’ve also added a bunch of knobs & settings to the tour backoffice to let you control how much information you want to share on the booking forms:


Control how you want to showcase your schedule on your booking forms – list or calendar. Control what information is visible to your customers.


Here’s how you can generate an upcoming schedule widget for a bunch of trips, probably to put on your home page, or a destination-specific landing page:


Customize almost everything in your widget. Click to see larger image.


You can control pretty much everything about the widget, for example:

Give it a spin and let us know what you think. We’re sure we can make this even better. Let us know in the comments below. We’re all ears.

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