Cut Down Custom Tour Paperwork With Vacation Labs’ Online Tour Booking System

Online Marketing Tech November 9, 2017

The travel experience for customers in 2017 is a lot different from yesteryears. Travellers now seek a personalized, authentic experience. Building such an experience is not an easy task though. You can end up spending days, even weeks, juggling Excel sheets, calendars and other tools, resulting in a lot of paperwork. In fact, the more tools you use, the more you could be increasing your burden.

Vacation Labs is here to take away that pain. Think of us as your holiday management system, a technologically advanced product designed to reduce your paperwork. Here’s how we do it:

1. Personalization options

Our website templates are designed specifically for travel content. We make it easy for you to add new tours, update your tour photo gallery and change your tour information in just a few clicks. Keeping your online tour booking website updated does not have to be a challenging task anymore.

2. Make your online tour booking system feature-richbooking_engine_features_tour_operators

Accepts bookings on your website? Check. Offers different payment methods? Check. Live booking availability and rates? Check. Your holiday management system MUST have these features if you want to keep your business efficient and competitive. At Vacation Labs, we ensure your booking engine is equipped with all these features. To reduce the need for paperwork further, our online tour booking software also records customer details for future requirements.

3. Automate confirmations

You will want your customers to know their booking is confirmed and send them a copy of their trip details. You may even want to send reminders or follow-ups leading up to their tour. As an online tour booking operator, you will add to your burden if you rely on manually reaching out to your customers before and even after the trip. Instead, Vacation Labs powers your system by sending out automated and personalized emails and SMS to each and every customer that books with you.

4. Manage agents, marketplaces & distribution

To sell more you need to spread your inventory through mediums like travel agents, tour marketplaces and other distribution channels. To ensure bookings, commissions and payments from each channel are recorded, the Vacation Labs online tour booking system allows you to add them through the backend section. With the same technology, you can create travel agent accounts so your customers receive the same tour information in spite of using third-party services.

Vacation Labs is, a comprehensive holiday management system, that not only helps you be more efficient by reducing paperwork and driving down manual costs but also lets you focus on engaging more with your customers, giving you better interaction opportunities with them, thus driving up customer satisfaction. Give it a try for free today!

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