Re-engaging Customers Through A Booking Engine: Your How-to Guide

Online Marketing Tech December 14, 2017

What’s the best way to keep selling more tours? Easy! Never forget your customers once their trip has ended!

An HBR article points out that –

 “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”

While bringing in new clients is one of the main priorities of a lead generation program, you must not forget to re-engage customers you already have. But, before you go assigning resources for this, consider using a sophisticated online booking software for activities to open up avenues for repeat customers without the need for added staff. Besides helping you automate bookings, an online booking engine can also help you maintain loyal customers.

How To Re-Engage Customers Through A Booking Engine

1. Ask for feedback

Calling your customers on the phone for a feedback can take too much time and and possibly annoy your customer (so, leave it as a last resort). Instead, opt for an online booking software for activities that can automatically send emails and SMS to your customers asking them for feedback with a customized form or requesting them to review you on TripAdvisor. Your booking system should help you to schedule emails to customers a few days or a week after their trip has ended to get their feedback.

2. Personalise your conversations


You have already earned their business once. Thank them for the previous business and then tell them about the next tour they can book with you. As a special thanks give them a promotional offer or discount on the next trip. You can give them a 10% off on the next trip they book with you. Or, if you have tie-ups with other entertainment vendors, you could give them say, free movie tickets as a way of thanking them. Also, ensure you make next trip suggestions based on your customer’s previous bookings with you. At  the same time give them the option of other categories as well.

3. Use emails and SMS instead of social media to re-engage

Repeat customers are already familiar with your services are more likely to respond to a personalised approach like an emailer rather than generic advertising done on Facebook or Twitter. Even if they are already your followers, an update on social media is likely to be “scrolled down” and forgotten compared to an email or SMS that is delivered straight to someone’s inbox.

According to columnist Jordan Kasteler,

For B2C emails, however, one of the biggest troubles is getting to know your audience well enough to tailor communications that will convert; companies need to understand their customers’ habits and tendencies in order to segment them properly and recommend relevant deals or products.

The messages you send should link directly to your website so that repeat customers can check out the tour and book there. Booking engines like Vacation Labs have integrated with email and SMS marketing services to make this process easier.

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4. Create a loyalty program


If they enjoyed travelling with you, tourists will be more than happy to book with you again and even refer you to their friends. To help them benefit further, give them exclusivity on your site. Create a loyalty program for repeat customers and offer them special rates that are automatically applied every time they book with you. You can also set up a referral program with unique coupon codes, that their friends can use when booking with you. In lieu of this, you can give the referrer a special discount.

At Vacation Labs, we’ve designed a customized,  online booking software for activities, that not only makes it easier for new customers to book your tours, but also offers features that are crafted to maximise re-engagement with your existing clientele. To know more, call our tech experts for a demo of our products.

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