What Makes Vacation Labs The Best Tour Operator Software

Online Marketing Tech Travel Website November 28, 2017

Stumped by the tour operator software choices available? Fret not, because it’s easy to make a decision once you are thorough with the services offered. Vacation Labs is a comprehensive tour operator software provider that also satisfies accommodation software, rental system and hotel operator system requirements.

What Makes Us Perfect For You?

  1. Automated operation

In short Vacation Labs – Reduces dependence on staff  – Saves time – Automates payment notifications – Eliminates over-booking

Avoid added staff expenses for booking management. The Vacation Labs tour management software helps you take stock of bookings made for each of your tours. Our booking engine software automatically notifies you via email and the Vacation Labs app on mobile, in case of booking attempts, inquiries and payments. That’s not all, you can notify customers as well, with trip details, directly through pre-set emails in the booking engine software.

This is a more reliable and systematic manner of processing tour bookings. It saves time for you as well as your clients. In addition to this, the activity booking software comes with smart options to display things like seat availability and loads more!

  1. Better online presence via effective & dynamic websites with SEO

In short Vacation Labs – Offers a DIY travel website builder – Reduces website building costs – Comes with inbuilt travel CMS

Reduce the complete cost of launching your travel website with the Vacation Labs travel website builder. It offers all the essential features of a travel website minus the need for coding. All you need to do is add your business and tour details into the content sections. Then, drag and drop the relevant images where required. There is no need for website developers. You can simply do it yourself with our travel site builder.

Again, you save time this way since a travel site builder can launch your website in as little as 7 days. Also, changes to your website can easily be made by you, should you want to introduce a new tour, put another on hold or delete a tour completely. Our website themes are developed keeping the best travel websites design in mind.

Each of our travel website themes come with an efficient travel CMS (content management system). This allows you to insert high-quality images and content in catchy sections of your website to promote your tours online. A good travel CMS is vital for fruitful SEO results. We have numerous travel website themes available. But, you can go beyond these! With a custom website that’s unique to your tours and activities, with our travel website builder services.

  1. Complete back office support

In short Vacation Labs – Manages customer and product data – Is accessible anytime

Maintain your inventory without a hitch through the Vacation Labs tour management software. It is capable of storing customer and product details, financial information and updating these records as soon as changes are made in the system.

With our cloud-based tour booking system, you can alter inventory anytime through your desktop or phone. The system also lets you create multiple user accounts for the backend system with selected access to functions like inventory updation and addition.

  1. 24/7 Booking

In short Vacation Labs – Ensures foreign bookings –  Offers flexibility to customers

Capture customers when they show interest in your tours and trips online. That means even when you’re off duty. The Vacation Labs tour system works round the clock and allows customers to book your tours at any time. It also notifies you the moment a booking is attempted. This is perfect for your business especially if you plan on targeting the working class in India who only find free time after their 9 to 5 shift. In case of foreign tourists, a 24/7 tour booking system allows them to reserve your activities in real time, in spite of time differences.

  1. Wider customer base via distribution channels

In short Vacation Labs – Helps you sell more – Gives you a competitive advantage

With an online tour booking engine on your side, you can cast your sales net wider. What Vacation Labs does is, it helps you monitor and control your inventory irrespective of the channels you sell through. These may include marketplaces, online channels and offline setups, even resellers or travel agents. You can also monitor which channels helps you sell more. This way you can invest more in what pushes your sales further.

Different channels help you tap new markets effectively without the need for excessive market research or promotions. To dig into international markets Vacation Labs helps you integrate with Viator. For even more specific markets like cultural enthusiasts, you can collaborate with travel agents and sync their sales for you with your inventory too. All of this is possible through a single tour management software.

  1. Accept payments online in multiple currencies

In short Vacation Labs – Supports multiple payment options – Acts as an online payment gateway – Facilitates easy and secure payments

The best thing about payment gateways is that they enable quick online payment while protecting bank details when transfers occur. This prevents chances of fraud for you and your customers and helps you seal the deal with customers immediately. Especially, if your clients are in different states or continents, it gives them a sense of security.

Through the Vacation Labs software you don’t need to set up a separate gateway, the activity booking software lets your customers make direct payments through a variety of options like net banking, credit/debit cards and mobile wallets, through its gateway. In case you don’t have a payment gateway account or find it difficult to handle a payment gateway, you can sign up to the Vacation Labs payment gateway to accept any currency as soon as bookings come in. We have also integrated with well-known payment gateways like Citrus, Paypal, Paytm and Stripe, so you receive high-level security. It’s a feature you can extend to customers too.

  1. Enhance your control & presence via mobile app

In short Vacation Labs – Allows business control anytime, anywhere – Offers access via mobile

Stay on top of things at every step of your business. Even while commuting, out on a tour with clients or on holiday. For this, you have the Vacation Labs tour operator software available through our mobile app. This reduces the need for laptops/ desktops for business activities. Also, since your smartphone is your go-to device, you can glance through trip notifications at any time. Making changes to booking details, cancelling or confirming trips and editing trip details are also possible through your phone at any time. Your customer database is accessible too on the Vacation Labs mobile app for communication purposes, promotions and more.

  1. Connect with several agents online

In short Vacation Labs – Has a reservoir of  tour resellers – Syncs your agent sales with your inventory

Vacation Labs holds contacts of numerous agents looking to resell services like yours. By connecting with them, you can reach a wider audience. Every tour reservation made through an agent is recorded in our system. You can either provide them curtailed access to your backend system or have them make bookings through your website on half of customers.  But, don’t feel limited to only these under the Vacation Labs umbrella. You can add different distributors to stretch your business reach. Or, you could join our network as a distributor yourself to resell products and services.

  1. Make tours irresistible with promotions

In short Vacation Labs – Enables promotions and customer loyalty programs

There’s nothing more irresistible than a good discount on a world-class tour. Provide your customers with the best possible deals you can manage through the Vacation Labs booking system, with coupon codes. You can limit these codes to loyal clients or first-time customers. Our booking system takes note of these and makes appropriate deductions when they are applied. With the backend system, you can set up loyalty programs too for different kinds of travellers, who have booked with you. Since all their contact details will be readily available in the system, you can set up promotion campaigns too via emails, SMS or phone calls.

Now that you know exactly what Vacation Labs has to offer your business, sign up for a 14-day free trial account to test out our system yourself!

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