August 2020

Release Notes September 15, 2020

Bug-fixes and minor improvements

As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in the month of August:

Stabilising the page speed optimisations

As a side-effect of page-speed optimization changes that got deployed in the last couple of months, some bugs were inadvertently introduced. The following bugs have now been fixed:

Circular collection cards on the search results page were missing on mobile devices. This has been fixed now.
Before and After fix :
Before fixAfter fix

Fixed a bug that was causing custom filters in our search page to fetch incorrect results.

On the search results page, toggling the check-boxes of price range filters was not working. This is fixed now.

To know more activating and managing search on website, check out the support articles in our Help Center.

Enabling and managing search

The tour admin page was breaking when some types of custom fields were present. This is fixed now.

Fixed a few issues related to the loading of banner and testimonial images across all websites.
On collection pages, the number of tours matching a given set of filters was displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed. We have also included a check to ensure only active & published tours show-up on collection pages.

To know about how to create a collection, check out the support articles in our Help Center.

Create Collections

In our system the character limit for a Facebook post description was set to 160 characters. Based on feedback from customers and the latest recommendations from SEO forums, we have increased this limit to 300 characters. Users will be warned if they try to add a description longer than that, because Facebook may truncate text beyond this length.

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