December 2019

Release Notes January 12, 2020

New Strings added to Localization

With our focus on making Vacation Labs a truly global platform, we have added more strings to the localization section. This gives you more flexibility over customizing and translating system generated text. After this update, text on the availability calendar and the booking flow can also be customized.

To know more about modifying system generated text and error messages, please go through the following article.

From our Help Center:  Exploring Localization

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

Continuing with our endeavor to make your platform experience much easier and enjoyable the following fixes the improvements happened this month:

Duplicate entries were showing up in the passenger reports for a few of our clients. This was fixed on a high prioirity

To make the Departure List View easier to read, the price symbol now shows up next to the booking amount


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