January 2021

Release Notes February 19, 2021

Vacation Labs and Zapier Integration

Our integration with Zapier, which was in private mode earlier, is now public. You can find the Vacation Labs’ Zapier application by simply searching in the app list.

By building integrations using the Vacation Labs app on Zapier you can automate repetitive manual tasks. Currently, our app on Zapier supports five triggers, and here are some ideas on how one could use them:

  • Booking created : You can use this to create invoices in accounting softwares like QuickBooks Online (or Xero) whenever a customer makes a booking on your website.
  • Passenger added to booking : You can use this to automatically send waiver forms to each passenger in a booking using products like WaiverForever and CleverWaiver.
  • Contact form submitted : This can be used to maintain a list of contacts in an email marketing software like Mailchimp, or CRM software like Zoho CRM.
  • Inquiry submitted : You can use this to automatically create leads / deals in your CRM, like Zoho CRM, Hubspot, etc.
  • Customer created (or updated) : This can be used to add customer details to your CRM like Zoho.
  • To know more about using Vacation Labs Zapier Application, check out the support article in our Help Center.

    VacationLabs App in Zapier

    Improvements to the website builder

    Our Google Analytics integration was not showing, v4 properties in the property list. We have upgraded our system to show Google Analytics v4 properties as well.

    To know more about integrating your Google Analytics account, check out the support article in our Help Center.

    Connecting Google Analytics to VacationLabs Website

    Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

    As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in November:

    We have improved the coupon page by fixing a few bugs with sorting and pagination of tours related to the coupon.

    Users were unable to change their website theme, due to an infrastructural glitch. This has been fixed now.

    Our booking engine wasn’t handling an edge-case scenario where payment processing was taking longer than expected. The system was showing an error message instead of showing a message informing end-customers about delay in payment processing. This has been fixed now, and users will see an appropriate message instead of an error.

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