July 2019

Release Notes August 30, 2019

Pop-up inquiry form is now customizable

In August 2018 we deployed a new feature called Single Step Inquiry form or Pop-up inquiry form for collecting inquiries directly from product pages which received positive feedback from our customers.


The fields in the form were hard-coded and our users wanted the ability to choose the fields, and customize the labels. We have added a UI in the backoffice that would allow you to manage the form now.


We have added a few extra updates from our end that would now also allow our users to modify the Titles & Headings of the form as well as the email messaging communicated to the customers.


To know more about Pop-up Inquiry form and how to use it, checkout the support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:  Setting up Pop-up Inquiry Form

New Payment Gateway Integration

We added 2 new payment gateways to our list of available processors TELR and Square.

Telr is a Dubai based organization with multiple office locations across the world and accepts up to 120 different currencies. Initially requested by some of our clients in the Middle east, Telr has now expanded itself into Asia. Checkout their website: https://telr.com/ for more details on their pricing plans.

Square is a US based payment gateway company which is currently available only for users based out of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. You can find out more about their features and facilities they provide on their website: https://squareup.com/us/en/payments

To know more about adding/enabling payment gateways, checkout the support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:   Integrate your payment processor

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As part of our ongoing effort towards better internalization, the following have been fixed and improved to make your platform experience much more easier and enjoyable:

Now custom fields for trips can also be edited in bulk, using the Accelerate app.

Until now Accelerate was able to modify/update the content in the default fields only, like Overview, Inclusions, Exclusions, Itinerary etc. Any custom content fields were not visible in Accelerate. With this latest update, now you you will be able to see and modify custom fields as well.

To know more about Accelerate, checkout the support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:   Accessing and Managing Accelerate

Sales report will now also display Variant Name for each booking

Price Variants are often used to create different variations in product pricing. Sales reports show us the details of a booking along with the participant type(Adult or Child), but they do not show, that which variant was the booking done for. With this new update the Variant Names will now also be visible in the Sales Reports.

To know more about variants checkout the support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:   Setting up Prices & Rates

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