March 2020

Release Notes April 6, 2020

Feature Updates

Search Widget: An update to the search widget now brings up trip suggestions even if none of your trips match the selected filters. This feature update would now bring up your trips matching at least one of the selected filters and not show up a blank page with an error. For example, if someone selects a landlocked country like Bhutan and Cruising as the activity type, instead of showing a blank page, the search would bring up other trips in Bhutan or other trips related to cruising. This is very similar to the “did you mean” feature in search engines

To know more about setting up and managing advanced search, check out the following support article in our Help Center.

From our Help Center: Activating Advanced Search and Segmented Search

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in the month of October:

Due to a glitch, updates to date and time formats on the backend were not showing up on the frontend. This has been fixed.

To know more about updating date and time formats, please go through the following support article.

From our Help Center: Modifying Date and Time Format

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