May 2019

Release Notes June 30, 2019

New Integration Added

Djubo Hospitality Software:  We’ve launched an experimental feature to allow “room + activity” package bookings through the Vacation Labs Booking Engine. Once properly configured, the package price + activity inventory is picked-up from your Vacation Labs account, and the room inventory is picked-up from a given Djubo CRS Account. This is available only when the “RazorPay + Djubo” payment gateway is used. Since this is an experimental feature, we do not recommend customers to set this up on their own. Please contact our support team if you are interested in setting this up (or a similar package booking solution).


To know more about adding/enabling payment gateway integrations, check out the following support article in our Help Center.

Integrate your payment processor

We’ve expanded our system to support “multi-coupon” promotions, i.e. a discount where a code can be used from a given list of unique coupon codes. This can be used for loyalty (or winback) promotions where a unique coupon code is shared with each customer in a list. To avoid misuse or sharing, one can restrict the number of times each code may be used.


Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in the month of May:

An error used to occur when a post-booking form was configured along with its email notification in the same step (if they were configured one after the other it worked). This was fixed.

Payment links in SMS-es sent to end-customers contained the Vacation Labs subdomain. This has been fixed to show the tour operator’s custom domain now.

To know more about managing SMS notification templates, please go through the following article

SMS notification templates

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