November 2020

Release Notes December 6, 2020

Payment gateway added for Tanzanian customers

Selcom: We have integrated with one more payment gateway. Selcom is a payment gateway company based in Tanzania that offers payments for cards and mobile wallets. You can find out more on their website about the features and facilities they provide: https:/

To know more about adding/enabling payment gateways, check out the support article in our Help Center.

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Zapier Integration

Integration with Zapier: We have integrated with Zapier to make integration with third party systems simpler for customers. This would be useful for customers who would like to connect VacationLabs system to different CRMs, accounting systems etc. Currently the VacationLabs App in Zapier is in invite-only mode. It will be made public soon and then it can be accessed on Zapier directly.

To know more about this, please contact our support team.

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

As always we strive to make your experience better and easier on our platform. Here are a few updates and improvements deployed in November:

Favicon cropping was not working properly on pages related to the booking engine. This has been fixed.

On collection pages, when departure dates were omitted from search filters, the filters were not working properly on mobile phones.. This bug has been fixed.

To know more about enabling and managing search filters on collection pages, check out the support article in our Help Center.

Search filters on collections

A bug where certain users were unable to make changes to tour custom-forms has been fixed. Accounts with many tours and custom-fields were facing this issue whenever a change was being made to the structure/definition of the custom-form. This was because, changing the structure of the form triggered a re-validation of all tour content, which was taking too long and timing out. This re-validation process has been optimised and should complete within a few minutes for all accounts (irrespective of the number of tours or custom-fields).

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