October 2019

Release Notes November 17, 2019

Segmented Search Widget now on every page

Now, apart from just on the homepage, the segmented search widget can be added as a section to any page on the website. If you have a lot of trips you’d like to showcase, you can now break them into different webpages with each page having its own advanced search option.

To know more about Activating Advanced Search and Segmented Search on the website, check out the following support article:

From our Help Center:  Activating Advanced Search and Segmented Search on the website

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

The following have been fixed and improved to make your platform experience much easier and enjoyable:

Previously, after making a payment, the page was redirected to .vacationlabs.com (mycompany.vacationlabs.com) domain instead of the integrated custom domain (mycompany.com). This has been fixed

Description for the variant was not showing up in the booking flow. This has been fixed.

Before fix

After fix:

Dates & Rates section now shows the departure year as well. This eliminates confusion for your customers while booking a trip way before the departure date

Before fix :


After fix:


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