September 2018

Release Notes October 9, 2018

Translate your travel-website into multiple languages: Beta launch

We’ve been working on this feature for quite some time now, and finally, it’s live!

While machine translations, like those provided by Google Website Translator, are a “quick & dirty” starting point, they are not ideal. It is important to have well-written & well-translated content for your international customers. This is now possible with our completely internationalised travel website builder.

It needs to be said, that this is not a replacement for Google Website Translator since there will be many languages for which the effort of manual translation will not make business sense.

If you are a Pro-plan customer, please get in touch with our customer support team to opt-in to this beta launch and get access to a truly multi-lingual travel website.

Inquiry forms – Improving the beta release

In August we had released a beta-preview of our snazzy new inquiry form. This month we’ve released a small enhancement which will allow you to keep a tour in, both, booking and enquiry mode.



Please get in touch with our customer support team if you’d like to opt-in to this beta launch.

CCAvenue Payment Gateway integration

Vacation Labs Booking Engine is now integrated with CCAvenue, which is a popular payment processor in India.

Read more about CCAvenue payment gateway here

SEO-boost for externally hosted content

There are a few of scenarios where you need to host content outside of our travel website builder, for example, a WordPress blog, a travel forum, or a knowledge-base. To ensure that your main website domain gets the SEO juice of this content, we now have the ability to include external sitemaps in a unified XML “sitemap index”. Please get in touch with our support team if you are hosting content on other subdomains – they’ll help you set this up properly and give your SEO a solid boost!

Website improvements and bug-fixes

A new “accordion” style for the team-members section on the website has been added. This is useful if you have a lot of members in your team, or if you have a lot to say about your awesome team members (always a good thing!)

Links shared on Twitter will now show a well-formatted “card” in the Twitter timeline.

We’ve upgraded the booking form to display logos of available payment options. This should make payment options more recognizable to end-customers.

Pax-manifest email redesign

The pax-manifest email has now gotten a much needed design refresh and is easier to read on, both, desktop and mobile devices.

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

It wasn’t possible to completely delete the location of a tour. This has been fixed.

We’ve fixed two bugs related to cache-invalidation (which is infamously one of the hardest things in computer science)

  • Incorrect number of trips were being shown against a collection in search results
  • Unlisted collections where showing up in search results and search suggestions
As part of our ongoing effort to make our storefront (website and booking engine) internationalization-ready, the following have been fixed:

  • “Read more” and “read less” links on tour cards were made translatable.
  • Some text in payment-related emails, booking-forms, and collection page were missed from the translations module. This has been fixed.
Custom phone-number and custom date fields were formatted incorrectly in various reports. This has been fixed.

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