September 2019

Release Notes October 5, 2019

Advanced Search Widget

We launched the new Advance Search Widget for our travel websites. Now you can place a search widget right on your homepage with up to 4 filters and allow your customers to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

To know more about activating and setting up the Advanced Search Widget  take a look at the support articles in our Help Center:

From our Help Center:  Managing Search and Filtering on the website

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

We have made the following fixes and improvements to make your platform experience much more easier and enjoyable:

Search recommendations allow you to display or highlight certain products or pages when your customers are using the Search and Filtering tool on the website. Due to an internal error some preset recommendations were not being displayed. This issue has now been fixed and the correct data is now being displayed.


The sidebar on the Tour Details page contains Other Popular Tours which is configured to automatically show up to 3 related tours often those belonging to the same collection. This section had started displaying just 1 tour repeatedly 3 times. This issue has now been fixed and the sidebar is now displaying the correct data.


To know more about the trip pages and managing the sidebar take a look at our support articles in Help Center

From our Help Center:  Managing Trip Sidebar

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