September 2020

Release Notes October 12, 2020

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

During the course of the last month we have fixed multiple bugs and made following improvements to our platform.

Image Focus point positioning on static page/homepage banner slide is available again As part of our ongoing project to improve the performance and speed of our travel websites, we had disabled the image focusing tool for the homepage sliders. This has been now enabled back while making sure that our travel websites rank the highest and best in load time and performance.



To know more about managing galleries and sliders, checkout support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:    Managing Pages on the website

Our users were facing an error while trying to reorder the images on the tour page gallery. This issue has now been fixed and verified.



To know more about reordering photos on tour page gallery, please go through the following article.

From our Help Center:    Changing order of photos on tour page gallery

A collection when configured to Date Based Table was not displaying some of the departure dates. This issue has now been fixed and the data has been verified.

Due to an internal error the search results page on the website was not displaying correct results. This issue has now been fixed.

Viator has rebranded itself with a new logo which has now been updated in our database. You will be able to the see the new Viator logo on the Distribution panel in the backoffice as well as on the bookings received from Viator.

To know more about our integration with Viator, checkout support articles in our Help Center.

From our Help Center:    Sync Tours with Viator

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