3 Trends Driving Tourism In 2017

Travel & Tourism October 16, 2017

Travel and tourism’s contribution to GDP grew by 3.1% last year. It’s evidence that the travel industry is booming year on year. And, that’s all thanks to the online shift made possible through online tour booking software, holiday management systems and best designed travel websites offering enhancing tour booking experiences to customers.  In the face of such growth, we researched and discovered 3 major trends that are driving the travel industry in 2017.

1. Millennials as travellers


Millennials are the youngest generation with disposable income that is going to become the largest market segment in travel in the coming years. These young travellers research trips and tours online and they even expect to make bookings conveniently on the web itself. From group travels to business travels, millennials are influencing innovations and disruptions in the travel industry. Travel providers must thus create tour offerings keeping them in mind. This makes its absolutely imperative to  have the best designed travel website with a top-notch online tour booking software.

2. Customized travelling experiences



From female solo travellers to families looking for an adventurous safari, an increasing number of people now seek tour packages that are designed to their needs. Incase you don’t do this already, it’s time you upgrade your online tour booking software and travel website to allow custom bookings. Such customized trips are gaining much traction as they provide customers with a more enhanced and fulfilling experience. Cultural tours, adventure trips and activity tours are gaining more fans than the age-old sightseeing programs.

3. Advances in technology


Businesses lacking technology are affected in terms of both its online presence as well as the distribution of services. Tour operators can manage their business more efficiently by investing in an online tour booking software that lets them take advantage of online leads and sales generated through their travel websites. Technology also eliminates the waste associated with endless manual paperwork and spreadsheets, driving down costs.

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