July 2018

Release Notes September 5, 2018

Google Analytics and other 3rd Party integration

Connect your Google Analytics account with your Vacation Labs’ powered tour website to start getting rich web-analytics data. Moreover, you can add other 3rd party JS tracking scripts (like Facebook pixel, Google Adwords, remarketing codes) based on the URL of the page.

Introduced 3 New Payment Gateways

Vacation Labs Booking Engine is now integrated with “PayU Nigeria”, “Remita” for customers in Nigeria and “Hesabe” which is a popular payment processor in Kuwait.

Read more about Remita payment gateway here

Read more about Hesabe payment gateway here

AcceleRATE Plugin Upgrade

AcceleRATE lets you edit, add and delete trip time slots, dates and rates in bulk with a single Google Spreadsheet. Now you can edit trip details and add-ons through AcceleRATE sheet. Currently, AcceleRATE is a request only app. To activate it for your Vacation Labs account, reach out to our support team.

Read more about AcceleRATE here

Backoffice improvements & bugfixes

Now you can add a content section on your contact page. One of our customers in Spain needed the ability to add descriptive text to their Contact page, so we have added the option to add a content section along with any other section on the page

We have added the ability to re-order tour-level custom-fields and booking-level custom-fields.

We now have the ability to add a custom HTML section to the home page, or any static page. This can be used to integrate flight search widgets, hotel search widgets, weather widgets, or website sections with custom designs/layouts.

Other bug-fixes and minor improvements

There was a bug which allowed one to add pre-defined pax-types (i.e. Adult, Child, Infant, etc) multiple times to a tour. This has been fixed.
The promotion coupon banner image was not visible on collection pages when customers marked the coupon for promotion. This has now been fixed.
We have fixed an issue where the call-to-action button in a tour’s photo-gallery used to show “Book now” even though the tour was in an inquiry mode. This has been fixed to show “Inquire now”.
We have fixed a bug due to which the tagline was not respecting the theme’s font settings.
We have fixed a bug where the website footer links and the tour links were shown in a single line on larger desktop screens. Now footer links and tour links are on two lines.
In back office home page settings, the “website footer” section will now be visible when the page title is long.

We have resolved an issue where agents were unable to create bookings for tours configured to ask for extra booking fields.
A few customers were facing an issue while saving tours with a custom permalink. This has been fixed.
A few customers were facing an issue while opening & closing time-slots for the same time repeatedly. This has been fixed.
YouTube’s related videos were showing up on home-page banner videos. This has now been fixed
We resolved an issue where customers were unable to email pax manifests when the departure had some passengers added from the back office.
We have fixed an issue due to which tall/large logos weren’t showing up on the website header.
Fixed a bug due to which the passenger quantity selector was not working for tours with multiple variants and not having a specific start time.

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